• Our Experience

    Cydecor offers four solution areas through which our team provides exceptional services.  When Consulting, we develop the most effective solutions by partnering with our clients and leveraging our professional and technical services in a variety of key areas. When offering a Software solution, we base our recommendations on industry standards that drive results, and our technology platform has an infrastructure built for security and flexibility. We use our Systems to provide your organization with the know-how acquired through years of experience.. Finally, we make sure you receive the Support needed ensuring your software and system reliably deliver consistent results.


Solutions We Provide

Cydecor provides exceptional services to clients through four solution areas.


  • » Systems Engineering
  • » Program Management
  • » Knowledge Management
  • » DoD Acquisition
  • » Analysis


  • » SharePoint Development
  • » Application Management
  • » Document Management
  • » Information Assurance


  • » Intelligence Community
  • » Irregular Warfare
  • » Special Operations
  • » Undersea Domain
  • » Unmanned Systems


  • » Administration
  • » Financial
  • » IT Systems
  • » Maintenance
  • » Training

Cydecor prides itself on maintaining long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients, which include a rich mix of industry leaders positioned across strategic markets.

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