People That Matter

Cydecor is about people doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. We achieve this by placing ownership-level responsibility in the hands of our teammates so that everyone is aligned towards the same mission and helping the customer is of the highest priority. We pride ourselves on the belief that no detail is too small to escape close attention. At the end of each day we want to matter, have a meaningful impact, and be remembered by the legacy we leave.

About Cydecor

Cydecor is about people doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

Vision And Mission

  • Vision: Create a people-centric culture that empowers our team to deliver transformational capabilities to our customers.
  • Mission: Be the preeminent enabler of mission readiness to ensure our Nation’s Security against current and future threats.

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Company Perspective

With a long history of support to the Special Operations community, Cydecor has embraced their culture of humility and service. Building from the Five SOF Truths, we were inspired to create our own principles:

  • People are more important than technology
  • Quality is better than quantity
  • Support Teams cannot be mass produced
  • Competent Teams cannot be built on demand
  • Client support requires a strong administrative infrastructure
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Message from President

Nader Elguindi


Success is doing what you believe, making that commitment, and getting started. Without risk, there can be no reward! At Cydecor we believe in the power of people and technology. We believe in making good decisions and improving what is around us. With a good attitude, hard work ethic, and impenetrable integrity, we have made an impact and will continue doing so for many years to come.

Solutions We Provide

Cydecor provides exceptional services to clients through four solution areas.


  • » Systems Engineering
  • » Program Management
  • » Knowledge Management
  • » DoD Acquisition
  • » Analysis


  • » SharePoint Development
  • » Application Management
  • » Document Management
  • » Information Assurance


  • » Intelligence Community
  • » Irregular Warfare
  • » Special Operations
  • » Undersea Domain
  • » Unmanned Systems


  • » Administration
  • » Financial
  • » IT Systems
  • » Maintenance
  • » Training

Our Culture

I would like to discuss:

    Company News

    • November 16, 2018

      Cydecor announced it was awarded a Prime contract with Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Information Dominance providing management support services to facilitate warfighting, manpower and business transformation initiatives.

    • July 27, 2018

      Cydecor announced it was awarded a Prime contract with NSWC Crane providing Weapons Training Support for the JXNQ Branch.

    • July 12, 2018

      Cydecor announced it was awarded a Prime contract with the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command providing Engineering Support Services.

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